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Roco 51288 H0 Startsett med z 21 vit

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51288 - Digital z21®start set: Diesel locomotive class 232 and tank train, DB AG
Discontinued, not availableGauge: H0 1:87 Epoch: VI Elect. system: DC Note to EU Toys Directive 2009/48/EC: Warning, not for children under 14 years of age.
Railway company: |Epoch: VI |Gauge: H0 |Elect. system: DC |EAN: 9005033512880
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Discontinued, not available
1 Diesel locomotive class 232, DB AG
3 slurry wagons
1 z21®start
1 manual controller MULTIMAUS®
1 plug-in power supply unit

Roco geoLine track layout:
12 curved tracks R3, 12 straight track G200

z21® is a modular design digital system:
■ Begin with z21®start and MULTIMAUS®.
■ Upgrading with a WiFi router and activation code, Art. no. 10814 and thus use of smartphone, Tablet-PC, WiFi MULTIMAUS® 10813 and computer (Software-protected model train control) is possible.
■ If you already have your own WiFi router and you know how to work with WiFi networks, then the activation code 10818 is sufficient for the aforementioned upgrading.
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