Artikelnr: DR4088LN

För 2 räls LocoNet Feedback startkit with 32 integrated occupancy detectors

This feedback startkit with 32 integrated occupancy indicators is designed for monitoring 32 sections of track and is rated up to 3 Amps. The modules comprises fout sections of 8 indication points, where each section has its own separte common. The network connections allow the modules to be placed up to 10 metres from each other.

The LocoNet connections make it particularly easy to connect the module to eg. your Loconet(r) system. 16 channels Power detection LocoNet connection Activity indicator LED Rated up to 3 Amps (peak) Standard S88 and STP connections (S88-N) Small solid housing by applying SMD techniques

32 Inputs
Current detection (2-rail)
32 LocoNet connections
Activity led
Current load up to 3 Amps
Peak current up to 10 Amps (briefly)
Standard S88 and STP terminals (S88 N)
Small solid enclosure by using SMD technology

De set bestaat uit:

1x DR4088LN-CS
1x DR4088CS
1x DR60890 L.NET cable 1 meter
1x DR60881 STP cable 1 meter

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