Artikelnr: DR5088RC
DR5088RC - 16 fold RAILCOM feedback module with occupancy detection

Do you want to buy an occupancy detector?
The DR5088RC is a 16-fold feedback module with presence detection and (per input) RailCom Channel 1 address report. It also has a Global RailCom detector for each booster to which this module is connected. This can be deactivated for command stations with a built-in RailCom-detector. All information from the DR5088RC is transported by LocoNet. The feedback address can be set per detector. The power supply of the DR5088RC comes directly from the DCC power included and does not require any extra power supply.

DR5088RC update
You can update the DR5088RC. The firmware can be updated via a USB connection. The DR5088RC is also programmable via LNCV or USB. This makes it easy to update the DR5088RC through multiple connections.

Buy an occupancy detector for your model railway
An occupancy detector is a system that detects whether blocks are occupied. An occupancy detector can be used using different forms, for example through power flow. In addition, the occupancy detector can also be operated through switch rails, with reed relay, through ground detection or through light barriers. If a section is occupied, this is detected by the occupancy detector. Here often refers to the electronics through which power consumption is detected. It can also indicate whether there is a power consumer on the track. So, buy your occupancy detector as soon as possible so that you can see if there are any occupied sections!
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