type 1116 of the Austrian Railways (ÖBB)Railjet

Artikelnr: 62361
Prototype: Multi purpose electric locomotive type 1116 of the Austrian Railways (ÖBB). Wheel arrangement: Bo’Bo‘. Comes in current livery for the star of the ÖBB „Railjet“. Name of the locomotive: „Spirit of Germany“. Current operation condition. Service: Lining up of the Railjet train set for the national and international traffic (routes: Budapest-Vienna-Munich and Vienna-Zurich) Model: Finely reworked model in detailed appearance. With three pantographs. Additional skirting between the bogies. Three headlight and two red LED tail lights. 16 pole Plux interface. Kinematics for close coupler.

General data
Number of axles with traction tyres 1
Number of driven axles 4
Traction tyres 1
Coupling NEM shaft 362 with KK-kinematics
Flywheel yes
Digital decoder Nein
Sound no

Interface Electrical interface on traction units PluX16
Motor 5-pole motor
LED lighting no
Length over buffer 221 mm
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